EDI Workshop

Saturday, June 4 – 9am-12pm
Almira F. Stephan Memorial Playhouse, 59 West Main St, Meriden

After the incredible turnout and feedback we received about our recent Community Theatre Conference, we did not want to lose momentum on some of the issues that were brought up.

We hope you’ll join us for a workshop on a vital and relevant topic – equity, diversity and inclusion in CT Community Theatre.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we find ourselves with a wonderful opportunity for reflection and change. If diversity and inclusivity are issues your organization is struggling with, this workshop will give you the awareness and the tools you need.

“When you know better, do better.” -Maya Angeleu

ELIJAH MANNING is the DEI Associate with Veterinary Emergency Group as well as the owner of Inclusive Education LLC a DEI consulting company he started. He started his career in theater work and has a passion for acting. He brings his life/theater experiences and learning together to work with communities and coworkers to help all listen, learn and grow, and to be more aware of the world we all live in. He believes that the only true ways to break down barriers between us is to spend time having conversations and learning about one another.

We are asking for a suggested donation of $10 per attendee, for the sole purpose of covering our expenses for the event.