COVID-19 Safety Overview

UPDATED: March 30, 2023. Our COVID safety protocols will be as follows:

• The wearing of a mask while in our venue is ENCOURAGED, but NOT REQUIRED. Please do whatever makes you the most comfortable in our space.
• If you wish to wear a mask, but do not bring one, disposable masks will be available at the door.

• We are still presenting shows “cabaret style” (bring your own food, beverages, etc.).

• Decreased from 60 patrons to 55 patrons to allow for proper social distancing protocols.

• All seating is reserved and assigned based on date of ticket purchase.
• Tickets MUST BE purchased online and in advance. Ticket sales will end 24 hours prior to the performance in order to allow adjustments to our seating plan for each date. Due to limited space and table size, parties over six (6) may be seated at an adjoining table.

• We will follow CDC Cleaning and Disinfecting guidelines both before and after the performance.
• Hand sanitizers and wipes will be available for patrons and staff throughout the theater and in restrooms.
• Multiple antibacterial, germicidal, virus reduction HEPA air purifiers will be used throughout the building.

We have installed anti-bacterial and anti-virus filters in our HVAC system, per CDC and EPA guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding our COVID protocols and policies, please contact us at

We thank you in advance for your cooperation with these policies. We look forward to safely welcoming you back into our theater!